Silver Wares  

CategoryMistmoore Catacombs
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Choice Of:
Silver Laced Claw
Werewolf Bane Sword
Silver Magus Dagger
Lycanthropic Bane Blade
Silver Tipped Mace

This quest is given by Alain Toad just inside Mistmore Catacombes at -15, -160, -27 . He asks you to find 3 items made of silver in the drelock camp:

Locations for the Silver Pieces are as follows~

  1. 59, -124, 220 (on table)
  2. 120, -123, 180 (on table)
  3. -131, -101, 171 (on table)

NOTE: You can invis during this whole process so no need to kill anything. Respawn time on these items is upwards of one hour.

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