The Master's Museum  

This is quest is given by Kedar the Curator in the Shimmering Citadel. You must collect three items in the Pillars of Flame:

  • Flawless Pelt: From Great Sandstalker Sabertooths located around 860, -155, -897
  • Cyprus Needle: Harvested at one of the two Great Bonsai Trees near (these were labled a small clump of weeds) 180, -203, -1638 and 334.69, -122, -1659.02 .
  • An Impeccable Windsister headdress from any Windsister 426, -134, -1357


  • Broken Shackle of Tan'ke Rei (This is the Djinn who spawns as a 55^^^ named on top of the djinn island in the SW corner of PoF.)
  • Polished Sandscrawler Crystal (kill enough sandscrawlers in PoF and you'll get it)
  • Perfectly Preserved Kromtorr Magi Turban. (From Kromtarr Magi's in the Pillars of Flame)

Bring this to Kedar to open up the Visit the Scriptorium quest and for an Adept I scroll. You also receive a Handcrafted Music Box. Examine this item to begin The Hand Crafted Music Box quest.

Visit the Scriptorium Shimmering Citadel
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The Handcrafted Music Box
The Caretaker
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