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Min Coin: 57s, 32c
Max Coin: 1g, 64s, 35c
Archaeologist's Robe

There are two quests by this name. One in Solusek's Eye and one in Great Divide

Solusek's Eye

I am trying to locate a survivor of the Drednever's Crew

You will find them in The Bonemire at Drednever Crash Site.

Researching Lavastorm: The Gnomish Problem Solusek's Eye
Quest Series
Solusek Mining Company
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Great Divide

Alfrig, at 516, -214, 266 in the Temple of Brell in Thurgadin, wants you to tell his mother, Tora, that the old Dain's ring has been found.

  1. Travel to the site of the old ring war.
    • Leave Thurgadin via the waterfall door at 673, -248, 59 .
    • Follow the river, then head north-east. Tora's in the camp at Blisterrock Ridge at 107, -345, -616 .
  2. Speak to Tora.

Your reward is Coldain Cooking Utensils

Blessings for the Grandson Destiny of Velious Tradeskill Quests
Quest Series
Blisterrock Ridge
Hunting for History
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