Passage to the Isle of Zek  

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Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 96s, 67c
Max Coin: 1g, 7s, 97c

This quest is given by Captain Abealla Coranis after you complete The Captain's New Friend quest. It requires you to be level 25. Originally, completing this quest resulted in access to Zek, the Orcish Wastes, but now the quest is optional.

Captain Abella Coranis in The Thundering Steppes will send you to Antonica to stop some supply runners. Zone in to Antonica and speak to Rusty Sails at -2234, -43, 517 . This is just outside of the canyon from Thundering Steppes.

When you speak to her a group of Deathfist Marauders and possibly Gawar the Bad will spawn. You must kill them. Gawar has a chance to spawn on each wave of encounters in this quest. There is also a chance that your party will be ambushed at any of these checkpoints, but they might also luck out and have it never happen. As a result we recommend you all travel together. Hail at the same time, and keep some mana in reserve.

After killing them return to Captain Abella in the Thundering Steppes. She will refer you to Engineer Ximmix Wobblecog. Ximmix is in a building on the docks in Thundering Steppes.

Ximmix sends you to retrieve spare body parts from a coffin in The Crypt of Betrayal. The Crypt of Betrayal is underneath the Vermin's Snye, which is underneath the Down Below. Evil characters can access the Down Below through any of the Qeynos villages.

Once you are in the Crypt of Betrayal you can find the coffin at in the minotaur area near Torg Bramblehair at -19.95, 7, -8.18 . Click it and return to Ximmix in Thundering Steppes.

Ximmix will ask you to gather some Distilled Spirits from Blackburrow. These are found in the brewery area, underneath the water passage. You need to click the bottles at 36.55, -39.91, 74 . After gathering these return to Ximmix in Thundering Steppes.

This time Ximmmix sends you to The Ruins of Varsoon to kill 5 Clay Crawlers and 5 Living Clays. These aren't too deep in, so this shouldn't take too long. After doing this return to Ximmix.

Ximmix will send you off to The Prize of Prexus.

NOTE: Since the change in the travel system in 2010, to access the instanced zone for the Prize of Prexus all group members need to click on the World Bell on the dock and choose Prize of Prexus located just above Qeynos on the map. Once you arrive in the zone one member will need to initiate the quest by speaking with the captain.

Once you are all on the boat, have everyone huddle by Captain Abella. Do not speak to him until you are ready to fight. Once you speak to him orcs will begin spawning in the middle of the deck. You will also have orcs up near the Captain. The ones up near Captain will keep spawning unless you destroy the harpoons. You do not need to kill these if they are grey.

The ones who spawn in the middle must be killed though. After a couple waves of these Captain Bloodstain, Gawar the Bad and a few Marauder henchmen will spawn. Kill them all.

After they are vanquished speak to Captain Abella to be teleported to Zek and complete the quest.

EDITOR's NOTE: You no longer need to complete this quest for access to Zek. If you decide to do the quest you can visit Scholar Milnik at the docks in the Thundering Steppes for your choice of rewards in compensation.

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