Gogas Afadin  

This is a sub-quest of The Symbol in the Flesh.

If you have done "Restoring Ghoulbane"

See the quest Ghoulbane Empowered

If you haven't done "Restoring Ghoulbane"

  1. Speak to Gogas Afadin ) -1392, 25, -1398 ) in Nektulos Forest.
    • He is in one of the Thexian camps by the tunnel to Darklight Wood at -1392,25,-1399 .
  2. Acquire the components for the ghoul-slaying weapon.
    • Acquire one Enchanted Azurite Capillary.
    • Get 6 Phosphorescent Pearls from deep spawn consorts in the Loping Plains.
    • Slay the beast called Kassar the Uncontrollable in the Mistmoore Catacombs at -80,-28,-82 .
  3. Return to Gogas Afadin with the components and 20 gold, and he will craft the weapon for you.

Note: There is a bug related to this NPC and quest since the release of RoK.

Havras will have this quest available before you have actually obtained the raw meat and congealed blood drops (he will offer it even if you have previously completed "Restoring Ghoulbane").

If you have this quest in your journal, Havras will not advance "The Symbol in the Flesh", and unless the HQ is on the stage "Create a weapon suitable for slaying a powerful undead ghoul lord" Gogas will not speak to you for this quest.

Short version, if Gogas will not speak to you, delete the quest "Gogas Afadin" and talk to Havras in Sondborn again. Havras should then both update "The Symbol in the Flesh" and offer "Gogas Afadin" again. At that point Gogas will speak to you.

The Symbol in the Flesh
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