Path of the Past - Valley of the Rogue Magi  

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Game Update #53
Shards of Destiny
September 23, 2009

  • Level: 20 Heroic
  • Category: Miscellaneous

NOTE: To access this zone you must complete the Commonlands quest The Secret Valley and use the Potion of Earthwalking (from the access quest or buy from Marcus if you no longer have it) to trigger the quest Valley of the Rogue Magi.

Defeat Magus Geofry Marus in the Valley of the Rogue Magi.

Completing this mission unlocks Replica: Naerius D'Lyle from the Timeless Trader.

This is a Chronomagic Mission, obtained by talking to a Chronomagic Tasker. You cannot complete the quest if it cons gray to you: speak with a Timeless Chronomage to mentor down to the appropriate level.

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