Words of Pure Magic  

Grants AA

This quest is initiated by examining a stack of books in The Academy of Arcane Science in the City of Freeport (North) at 11, -7, -128 or in The Concordium Tower in Qeynos Capitol District (South Qeynos) at 707, 82, 127 (through the yellow teleportal) or The Library of K'Lorn in Neriak, City of Hate on top of the bookshelves at -685.74, 17.77, 248.19 . When it gives you the option of which book to read select "Words of Pure Magic".

This quest will teach you the Druzaic language.

You must visit four Druzaic Shrines in the Shattered Lands. Each of these warps between two locations. If it is not up in one zone, then it is in the next. The shrines change position every hour. (Often, One of four Totems will not be up at either location you then have to wait for the following hour to see it appear)

  • Zet Druzaic Shrine
    • The Thundering Steppes - by the giant camp near the coast next to the earth rumblers, at 970, -21.77, 1184
    • Nektulos Forest - at -1605, 48, -1347
  • Myr Druzaic Shrine
    • The Enchanted Lands - On an island in the eastern corner at -989, -4, -609
    • Zek, the Orcish Wastes - behind Deathfist Citadel at 14, -39, -866
  • Uzu Druzaic Shrine
    • Everfrost - Underwater, near the Spires zone in at 500, -107, -1600
    • Lavastorm - at 86, -32, 135
  • Kab Druzaic Shrine
    • Rivervale - Next to the Circle House at -807, -5, -292
    • The Feerrott - Inside a cave in the Gulch of Thule, which is near the Alliz Tae Station and Tae Ew Station (Druid rings) at -1094, 0.3, 911

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