A Sleeping Stone  

Started Byrune-covered stone
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This quest is part 1 of 9 for the Fabled version of the Mystic-only Epic Weapon, Cudgel of Obviation.


    • This quest starts in Sebilis. Talk to Terrus near the jail; you must speak Sathirian to get Torn page of Terrus's notes. You can invis down to him if you jump into the water and swim through the tunnels to the left (east). Make sure there are no roamers near his cell when you drop invis.
    • After speaking with Terrus go to Kunzar Jungle to kill "a timeworn spirit" (lvl 78^^). He's behind City of Mist (very near the Hidden Plunderer's Camp sokokar point) and wanders around -429, 142, -833 .He drops a chest which contains rune-covered stone. Examine the stone to get the quest A Sleeping Stone.


  1. Speak to Hollen the Runesage in Teren's Grasp at 1973, 488, -711 in Kylong Plains.
  2. Activate your special vision using the Eye of Thalger and seek out the Spirit Wolf Shul'da in Jarsath Wastes at 777, -20, 623 .
    • You don't need to activate the Eye until you're close to your destination. But you won't see Shul'da without it.

Mystic Epic Weapon
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A Sleeping Stone: Bones Of The Lost
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