Firmroot Moot Meet  

Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 22g, 11s, 70c
Max Coin: 25g, 12s, 77c
Faction Changes:

This first quest from Mug, if you ask a guard to locate him then type out "Far Seas", they will not take "Mug", is a basic catalog quest, meaning that you will have to use the Catalogue Creature ability on the target NPCs. It is also possible/likely that Mug will not have a quest feather over his head, but he will respond when hailed. Hail him and he asks you to get more details for his report back to the Far Seas Trading Company Supply Division. He will give you a book, "Notes on the Survival Accord, by Mug". Read the book (which is a handy house item as well) and you are given the quest.

You must find and use the Catalogue Creature ability (found in your Knowledge Book), on the following:

  • Captain Lip Marrsquire ( 109, -88, -500 )
  • Shaman Skullcleave ( 86, -88, -464 )
  • Captain Cogglespot ( 82, -88, -437 )
  • The Great Morsley ( 68, -85, -436 )
  • Vegupa Marrsheart, Crusader of Guk ( 86, -87, -435 )
  • a Troll Guard (pick one)
  • a Froglok Guard (pick one)
  • Pirdy, the safety conductor at Firmroot Moot Balloon Pad
  • Sissili, the safety conductor at the Boarfiend Caves Balloon Pad ( 667, 350, 242 )
  • Klip Marrsquire at The Shadowed Cleft
  • Far Seas Trading Liaison Agata at the Tillage Patch
  • Far Seas Trading Liaison Alden Strongaxe at The Overlook

Your reward is cash and +5000 faction with Survival Accord

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