Outfitter Errands  

Is Trade Skill Class: weaponsmith
Is Trade Skill Class: tailor
Is Trade Skill Class: armorer
Related Zones:
Related Items:
sample of fine fabric
Vultak Anatomy: An Illustrated Guide
antique sickle
smithy hammer recipe
vultak disguise
Min Coin: 31g, 73s, 78c
Max Coin: 34g, 80s, 87c
Choice Of:
Recipe for a Smithy Hammer
Recipe for a Ceremonial Solstice Robe
Recipe for a Mistletoe Cutting Sickle

This is the fourth quest in the Tradeskill Epic series. This step is for Outfitters only, if you're not an Outfitter you're looking at the wrong page.

Neeta Cabbageleaf wants some items to help her research her grandmother's recipes.

1. Make your way through Barren Sky to The Nest of the Great Egg: Outfitter Errands. Again, this zone will scale but be 15-20 levels above your adventure level.

The following is from EQ2Traders Corner:

  • First, you have to sneak past a couple of heroics to the little room on the right and pick up "Vultak Anatomy: An Illustrated Guide", which is on a clicky book shelf in that room ( 17, 86, 34 ) . The mobs are aggro, and 20 or so levels above your adventuring level, so invisibility is not an option.
  • In order to craft the recipe, which is for a vultak disguise, you need to locate 3 different coloured feathers and some threads off the floor in the main room, whilst avoiding more aggro heroic vultaks. Domino is very sneaky-- you do NOT need to run back to down and get thread filaments.. even though the required fuel has the same name as the T2 fuel, it's found in the zone on a clicky upturned chair. The feathers are clicky feathers off that first floor.
  • Once you've crafted your vultak disguise (level 100 recipe!) you can go downstairs and pick up the 3 items that you were sent for: there's a clicky rug in an antechamber off the first room, a clicky weapons stand in the hallway, and a clicky book shelf in the last room.

4. Return to Neeta.

Rewards are class-specific. Neeta will give you the last quest in this series.

ZAM credits this article at EQ2 Traders Corner for some of the info in this article.

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