Making Coins  

CategoryWorld Event
Level30 (Scales)
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a Gigglegibber Key

Speak to a Gigglegibber blacksmith, who informs you that the Gigglegibbers are trying to make coins.

To save time with this quest make sure you already have the following on you:

  • 5 carbonite clusters - T3 harvest from ore nodes, requires 90 Mining (or buy from broker)
  • 5 gold clusters - T3 harvest from soft metal nodes, requires 90 Mining (or buy from broker)

  1. Explain how to make coins to the blacksmith. After you explain he will offer you the quest. The correct responses are:
    • You know it's obvious that those aren't real coins, right?
    • Not really. A real coin in heavier and shinier.
    • You could use carbonite instead of wood and then coat the metal in a thin layer of gold.
    • Because the whole coin isn't made of gold, it's just lightly coated, so it looks more real.
    • You know, if you give me that key you keep hitting I could get you some carbonite.
    • You could heat up and hit the carbonite to make coins.
    • It's because you have to mold the metal, you can't just hit it and expect it to look like a coin.
    • First you melt the carbonite in the fire.
    • Then you pour the melted metal into a mold made from a real coin.
    • Then you let it cool.
    • Then you dip it in the melted hold and put it back in the mold.
    • You let it cool and then you have your coin.
  2. Give the blacksmith 5 carbonite clusters and 5 gold clusters. This will complete the quest.

Unlocking the Elfin Lord Frostfell
Quest Series
The Gigglegibber Grump
Unlocking the Elfin Lord
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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2005.

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