Once in Life as Well in Undeath  

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Cloak of the Prime Healer
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So, now you've ran all over the world curing people, you're asked to go and poke a strange portal. This just sounds like a really bad idea, huh? Head out to Antonica. The portal you want is a small, glowing blue thing located at -2322.47, -31.73, -757.13 . Double-click it to be taken to a special instance called Pantheon of the Prime Healer.

Now you're there, hail the Avatar of Health. He'll send you to the Tomb of the Seeress. So, head back out to Antonica and go towards North Qeynos gates. The entrance you want is located at 137.52, -14.65, -189.59 . There will be a little event for you to watch, then you must kill Reanimated Seeress Ealaynya Ithis. Be careful, she hits very, very hard and you will want help to take care of her.

When she's dead, go back out to Antonica and the portal over at the beach past the druid rings. Hail the Avatar of Health to complete the quest and receive your reward: Cloak of the Prime Healer.

Spreading the Cure Rodcet Nife
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