High Risks, Higher Profits - Part 1  

Min Coin: 7g, 37s, 19c
Max Coin: 8g, 40s, 22c

Note: Must be a level 75 Tradeskiller to obtain this quest. This quest series gives you just enough faction with Legion of Danak to do the crafting writs in Danak Shipyards.

Taskmaster Greeblentus sends you to see Scout Master Talisk V`Rass in Jarsath Wastes. Greeblentus gives you the Highton sokokar post setting, so hop on your sokokar and go there. The sokokar post for Jarsath Wastes is at 1901, 158, -2548 , you'll want to stop there as you go by. Play dodge-a-mob to Jarsath Wastes (they see invis).

Head towards the fort that you see in the distance, and you will find Scout Master Talisk V`Rass located on some rocks to the right of the fort at -277, -23, -137 .

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