Shrouded in Secrecy  

CategoryLoping Plains
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Bracelet of the League Guardians
Bracelet of the League Arcanists
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Talk to Chardasus Divok in the Village of Somborn.

  1. Chardasus Divok sends you to find the Library in Castle Mistmoore ( -64, 8, -63 ) .
  2. Read several books on the tables in the library
  3. Talk to Monika Davissi in the secret sewer of Castle Mistmoore. If she is not up, use your whistle
  4. Return to Somborn and talk to Chardasus
  5. Search for Monika (she can't be much further than the moor in Loping Plains, 100, -5, 260 )
  6. Kill Monika (75^^^) at 107, -4, 262 (Monika is on a 10 minute repop timer)
  7. Return to Chardasus for your reward

Experimentation Most Foul League of Freethinkers
Quest Series
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The League of Freethinkers Quest Series continues with Havras "Hack" Scutter in Kylong Plains.

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