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Cabbage Stew
Min Coin: 7g, 37s, 19c
Max Coin: 8g, 40s, 22c

Scout Vazhada T'Larr is running short on provisions, and the last messenger, who was a provisioner, seems to have gone missing. Find his supplies and make Vazhada some food.

Make sure you have at least six free inventory slots.

Find the poor crafter's corpse at -273, -22, -928 . Search it, and receive 6 walnut kindling, 2 baubbleshire cabbage, 2 jumjum, 2 aerated mineral water, 2 root and a collapsible cooking kit. Return to Vazhada.

Make a fire with Vazhada's firewood (it's at -286,11,-1246 ), activate the collapsible cooking kit, and you're ready to start cooking. Treat it just like s stove and keg. Cabbage Stew is a level 4 recipe, and you have enough supplies for two combines if you fail. When you get the update your whole outdoor kitchen will despawn.

Hail Vazhada to give him the food and get his report.

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