Restoring Ghoulbane  

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Weakened Ghoulbane

This quest is given by Toranim Skyblade, at the Temple of Life in North Qeynos, after you complete the Vida Needs a New Broom and The Dusty Blue Stone quests. It is the final leg of Ghoulbane.

  1. Enter the Tomb of Valor (an instanced zone inside Stormhold, see A Key to the Past quest for access information). Retrieve Ghoulbane, which is leaning up against the wall at -27, -46, -54 . The Tomb is a group zone, one person enters and all are pulled in. Only one copy of the sword spawns per instance.
  2. Return to the The Temple Of Life and receive Weakened Ghoulbane.
  3. You then must kill three powerful undead beings to recharge the Ghoulbane. These are triggered spawns. They are:
    • The Cauldron Hollow: Descendent of the Torig
    • The Crypt of Betrayal: The Specter of Ire - Can spawn in any ire minion/warlock spots. Known locations include:
      • -12.37, 7, -154
      • 165, 7, -54
      • 140, 7, -77
    • The Ruins of Varsoon: The Creator
  4. Return to Temple of Life and to receive the next update
  5. Kill Maltus Everling in Nektropos Castle.

Status Points : 53940

Game Update #64
Qeynos Rises
July 24, 2012

The Dusty Blue Stone City of Qeynos
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