Unhappily Ever After  

This is a sub-quest of the heritage quest Beauty's Only Skin Deep.

Speak to an angry relative at -28, 354, -30 on the fifth floor of Tower of Frozen Shadow: Umbral Halls to begin this quest.

An angry relative on the fifth floor of the Tower of Frozen Shadow has asked me for assistance. She's harboring an unnatural grudge against the wedding's bride-to-be, and would like for me to assist her in disrupting the wedding. In exchange for my help, she has promised to give me something I need.

  1. Kill wedding guests around 38, 352, 30 to make room on the groom's side.
  2. Speak to the angry relative.
  3. Kill decaying servers around -52, 353, -24 to collect drinks for her.
  4. Speak to the angry relative.
  5. Kill The Head Usher at -9, 358, -94 .
  6. Return to the angry relative to complete the quest.

I helped the angry relative disrupt the wedding and was rewarded with C.O's fifth chapter notes for "Beauty's Only Skin Deep."

You will now have the Sealed Moldy Scroll for Beauty's Only Skin Deep.

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