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Level20 (Scales)
Title: "Knight of the Exiled"
Title: "Knight of D'Lere"
Title: "Knight of Bayle"

NOTE: in April 2014 this quest was quietly discontinued. According to Kaitheel [1] characters created in the 19 days prior to April 8 would autocomplete the quest, but new new characters were still being offered the quest and getting credit for it.

Hallmark quest that was received upon creating a character on a new account. It was originally introduced during the Living Legacy promotion during the summer of 2008.

You must reach level 20 in 14 days played. This means within 14 days of your creation date, not 14 days of character age! Use /played in-game to see your time played.

Good aligned players receive the Title: "Knight of Bayle".

Evil aligned players receive the Title: "Knight of D'Lere".

Exiled players receive the Title: "Knight of the Exiled".

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  1. ^ Kaitheel on the official forums, April 8, 2014

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