Beauty's Only Skin Deep  

This heritage quest begins in Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors. Click on a book at -85, 75, -102 in the upper level of the library to start the quest..

I found an incomplete autobiography in the Tower of Frozen Shadow library titled "Beauty's Only Skin Deep." The author and subject is one C.O.. There are instructions on a slip of paper tucked between the pages. These instructions indicate, in an panicked-looking scrawl, that the book should be returned to the assistant librarian. It looks like the student was afraid to return the book, which is many years overdue, for fear of retribution.

  1. Speak to Marian Cross at -75, 49, 78 on the second floor.
  2. Agree to look for the author's notes.
  3. Speak to J.G. Hill at 74, 71, -116 on the second floor. The answer is about "C.O.". Your group will get a timer immediately after picking this option.
  4. Defeat the disruptive students around 70, 45, 39 on the second floor. You have 10 minutes to do this and the students have a lot of health.
  5. Speak to J.G. Hill again, who gives you notes for the second chapter.
  6. Recover the six missing scrolls:
    • Sealed Aged Scroll - dropped by a Large Undead Gnoll around 15, 0, -15 on the 1st floor (Shadowed Corridors)
    • Sealed Ancient Scroll - found on the 2nd floor (Shadowed Corridors)
    • Sealed Bloodstained Scroll - reward for completing Besought Baubles on the 3rd floor (Shadowed Corridors)
    • Sealed Dusty Scroll - dropped by Amontehepna at 26, 267, -64 on the 4th floor (Umbral Halls)
      • Click on the 3 vases and kill the mobs that pop to get Amontehepna to spawn.
    • Sealed Moldy Scroll - reward for completing Unhappily Ever After on the 5th floor (Umbral Halls)
    • Sealed Timeworn Scroll - found on the 6th floor at 19, 560, 42 (Umbral Halls)
  7. Return the scrolls to Marian.
  8. Defeat Cara Omica at 2, 292, -4 on the fourth floor in Tower of Frozen Shadow: Umbral Halls.
  9. Speak to Cara Omica's Spirit at -4, 290, 1
  10. Return to Marian Cross in the Shadowed Corridors to complete the quest.

I pieced together Cara Omica's autobiography and discovered that she is a tragic, terrible, and tortured inhabitant of the Tower of Frozen Shadow. She has asked me to destroy Tserrina with the same embalmer's skinning knife that was used to cruelly disfigure her face.

We would appreciate more details and locations for this quest!

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