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CategoryFens of Nathsar
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Related Items:
sarnak tail clasp
tusker harness ring
silvered gear
polished pike blade
broken froglok manacles
collection of fishhooks
Min Coin: 8g, 11s, 18c
Max Coin: 9g, 12s, 19c
Faction Changes:

Snouts wants you to retrieve some items from around the Fens of Nathsar to help him prepare for courting.

  1. Collect the following:
    • a silvered gear from a goblin workbench in the Drogan Exile Camp at -589.40,-203.84,-1337.77
    • a collection of fishhooks from a teren fishing pole on the docks of Omen's Call. There are several locations reported for this, including:
      • 175.42,-118.83,-164.23
      • 189.66,-118.83,-184.57
      • 243.7, -60.59, -233.29
    • a sarnak tail clasp from a fancy jewelry case in Bathezid's Watch at 995,208,1232
    • a tusker harness in Sathir's Span at -206.60,-7.70,934.27
    • a broken froglok manacle hanging on a wall in the West Pens of Riliss at -737, -145, 674
    • a polished pike blade from Riliss at -862.34,45.54,-245.60 , against the wall
  2. Return the items to Snouts

Fens of Nathsar
Quest Series
Bellywhumper Burrows

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