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Crest of D'Morte

This quest is available to those who have purchased The Bloodline Chronicles adventure pack. After purchasing the expansion and logging in you must type /claim and choose a D'Morte Insignia Band. Examine the ring to initiate the quest. This quest gives you access to the D'Morte Burial Chambers: Unearthing instance.

You must now head to the D'Morte Burial Chambers. This is located at 678, 1.71, -617 in Nektulos Forest (near the Gul'Thex Citadel").

Once entering the chamber you must find and open the D'Morte coffin. Clear or skip the monsters in the way (they are level 30-32 solo mobs) until you reach the coffin ( -52.93, -11.12, 41.66 ). The journal will update and you are told that you must break the seal.

You will notice many gravestones scattered throughout the zone, that are examinable. You must examine each of them. When you do this a level 34-35 mini-boss will spawn. Each of these mobs has a chance to drop some loot and must be killed to progress.

Once you examine all of the coffins then the seal will be broken. You can then head to the coffin and examine it to complete the quest and receive your reward. Examine the reward to open up the The D'Morte Family Crest quest.

This quest and this zone cannot be repeated unless you are grouped with someone else who has the quest.

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The D'Morte Family Crest
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