The Mysteries of Tik-Tok  

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Linguobot will teach me Tik-Tok, but only if I retrieve a number of special items for it from throughout the Moors of Ykesha.

  1. I need to find a piece of perfect scrap metal amongst the boarfiends. I should seek an individual who might be in possession of such a thing.
    • Kill Scrounger Lumph ( 1629, 456, 49 ) in the Boarfiend Caverns
  2. I need to find a piece of coral.
    • The coral grows on the ocean floor around the peninsula at Brokenskull Harbor. One loc is at -1091,-1109,1407 .
  3. I need to find a curious ore that the Brokenskulls seem to mine.
    • Auto-updates have been reported from Shipwright Ythkaz ( -1292, -940, 545 ) and Shipwright Zaklyz at Gunthak's Shanty ( -1271, -954, 643 )
  4. I need to find a special froglok tweaking tool.
    • This caliper is sitting in a hut in Tupta at -76, -53, 821
Scrounger Lumph
Scrounger Lumph
Ykeshan coral
Ykeshan coral
Shipwright Ythkaz
Shipwright Ythkaz
special froglok tweaking tool
special froglok tweaking tool
NOTE: This Language Quest does not actually teach you to speak Tik-tok. What it does do is give Linguobot enough familiarity with the language that he will be able to translate something for you, later, should you need it. (HINT: You ARE gonna need it!)

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