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Earring of the League Guardians
Earring of the League Arcanists
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Use the Enchanted Whistle of the Freethinker to hail Monika Davissi at 3, -7, -40 in the lower grotto area of the basement in Castle Mistmoore. Use the invisible walkway to access the rear upper ledge beyond the water across the Inner Sanctum entrance.

Hail Monika Davissi She sends you to the Jail area and experimentation chamber for clickable updates.

  1. Monika Divissi gives a quest to click on updates in the jail area. One is the chains (shackles) in the Captured Elf cell north of the hidden experimentation chamber. The second is a book on a table in the experimentation chamber.
  2. Return to Monika Divissi.
  3. Monika Davissi asks you to escort a Captured Elf safely from the jail to the foyer (Main Floor entrance). Click one of the Captured Elves in any of the jail cells. Evac safely to the main entrance foyer for the update. You receive a Token of Gratitude.
  4. Return to Chardasus Divok in the Village of Somborn.

The Wind of Strife Blows Fickle League of Freethinkers
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Shrouded in Secrecy
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