The Blackwater Mask  

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Blackwater Mask
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This is the third and final quest in Havras "Hack" Scutter relic recovery quest line.

Hack tells of how his group (Freethinkers) were run out of their lair and left an artifact behind in the process. The artifact is called the Blackwater Mask, and Hack wants you to recover it.

Recovering this item involves entering and at least partially clearing mobs in the Epic x4 Freethinker Hideout. This is a raid zone designed for a full (24) raid party.

  1. The Mask is inside a chest inside a room that is sealed off from the rest of the instance by a wall. The wall must be destroyed by an explosive barrel found in the Hideout.
    • The barrel is at 59, 0, 12
    • The wall where you place the barrel is at 65, 4, 49
  2. Once you have looted the Blackwater Mask, return to Hack Scutter to complete the line and collect your reward.

Dom of the Elani League of Freethinkers
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