The Symbol in the Flesh  

Starts with examining a Glyph Tattooed Flesh dropped by a glyphed ghoul in Loping Plains. Level required is 62 to receive this quest.

Find someone that can tell you about the tattooed flesh. That would be Tavish Dracinov in D'Venhz Rectory in the Village of Somborn in Loping Plains at -395, 12, -53 . This step can only be done if you are level 66 or above, otherwise she won't talk to you.

She will send you to speak with Amares D'Venhz, across the room.

He tells you that the symbol is the glyph of Mordiggian.

He sends you to gather:

Return to Amares D'Venhz. He sends you to find information about a relic or weapon suitable for ghoul hunting.

Talk to Havras "Hack" Scutter in the Village of Somborn in Loping Plains at -309, 11, -49 .

He tells you to create a weapon suitable for slaying a powerful undead ghoul lord. This will launch the Ghoulbane Empowered sub-quest. You will need to talk to Toranim Skyblade in North Qeynos at the Temple of Life.

NOTE: If you have not done the original Restoring Ghoulbane quest before you return to Amares, you will receive the Gogas Afadin quest instead of Ghoulbane Empowered.

Return to Amares D'Venhz after finishing Ghoulbane Empowered or Gogas Afadin. Then kill Mordiggian (68^^^ Heroic) in the Breathless Hollow area of Loping Plains. To spawn him you will examine what looks like a plate on a rock near Freethinkers Hideout. He will have 3 waves of adds. When the adds pop, he de-pops and seems to respawn back at the plate. The adds are a separate encounter.

Return to Amares D'Venhz in the chapel to claim your reward.

Reward is a Crested Mistmoore Shield and 77k status. If you have Ghoulbane you will also get an upgrade for that weapon to Empowered Ghoulbane, a level 65 Legendary weapon.

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