Sarnak Supply Stocking (Alchemist)  

Is Trade Skill Class: alchemist
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Related Items:
Smoldering Fists VI (Journeyman)
Dedicated Elixir of Intellect
Min Coin: 31g, 73s, 78c
Max Coin: 34g, 80s, 87c

This is the first quest in the Tradeskill Epic. This step is the same (other than the items required) for level 80 crafters of all classes.

Before you start you must have:

  • -20,000 faction with Bathezid's Watch
  • have completed New Lands, New Profits (only if you are a low-level adventurer needing Bathezid's access)
  • and be a level 80 crafter

  1. Speak with Danelak Hosefoak at Bathezid's Watch in the crafting area.
  2. Make whatever he asks:
    • Alchemist - 100 (10 combines) Dedicated Elixir of Intellect, 10 Smoldering Fists VI (Journeyman)
    • Armorsmith - 10 Pristine Ferrite Plate Spaulders, 10 Pristine Ferrite Melodic Mantles
    • Carpenter - 10 pristine redwood strong boxes, 10 Redwood Stools
    • Jeweler - 10 Torture VI (Journeyman), 10 Double-Cross VI (Journeyman)
    • Provisioner - 20 Steamed King Prawn Dumplings, 20 Succulent Mead
    • Sage - 10 Grim Sorcerer V (Journeyman) and 10 Synergism IV (Journeyman)
    • Tailor - 10 Pristine Tranquil Damask Shawl, 10 Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Shoulder Pads
    • Weaponsmith - 10 Ferrite Morning Star, 10 Ferrite War Maul
    • Woodworker - 10 Redwood Wands, 10 Redwood Sorcerer's Staffs
  3. Give him the goods.

Danelak asks you about the outside world. His response is the same to all the things you tell him, until you mention Rvervale and the Misty Thicket. He tells you that he has always wanted to travel there, and suggests that if you are ever that way you should look for members of the Cabbageleaf family, who are reputed to be remarkable Jewelers.

EQ2 Traders Corner notes that this step will not fully reimburse you for your crafting, but the rest of the series makes up for it.

Crafting Class cloak picture from EQ2 Traders Corner
Crafting Class cloak picture from EQ2 Traders Corner
You will return to Danelak when you have completed your Epic for your Artisan Class Cloak, but that step will not appear in your quest journal!

ZAM credits this article at EQ2 Traders Corner for some of the info in this article.

New Lands, New Profits Tradeskill Epic
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