Dark Tides  

CategoryButcherblock Mountains
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 11s, 36c
Max Coin: 12s, 39c
Choice Of:
Crest of Fading Clouds
Emblem of Fading Clouds
Loop of Fading Clouds
Band of Fading Clouds

Note: You may need some form of Enduring Breath for this quest. One of the easiest ways to get EB is by obtaining a Totem of the Otter. You can also complete the heritage quest Hadden's Earring first to obtain the Fishbone Earring, which offers a water breathing buff.

Griss Brumbaugh on the Butcherblock Docks asks you to kill 8 Tidesylph ritualists.

Head toward the underwater siren cave north of the docks, beyond the aqua goblin island. The ritualists are outside of the cave entrance at 735,12,-258 . There are three groups in total at 746,13,-237 , 729,8,-252 and 719,11,-260 .

After killing all three groups you will have your 8 updates. Return to Griss on the docks, who tells you to speak to Grimshaw Packwright at East Fort Irontoe.

Sarnak Sympathizer: Part 1 Butcherblock Mountains
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Sarnak Sympathizer
Picking up the Pieces
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