The Flame of the Corpse Candles  

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Min Coin: 9g, 85s, 50c
Max Coin: 10g, 5s, 90c
Droag Carcass
Choice Of:
Band of the Realm
Emblem of the Realm
Crest of the Realm
Signet of the Realm

  1. Speak to Aetryol Monsoon on the Cacotoxic Stain. He will ask you to slay a droag with "meat on his bones" and feed it to a corpse candle.

  1. Slay a living (not undead) Droag in the Bonemire (Hint: there are no living Droag on Cacotoxic Stain). You will receive a Droag Carcass, which has ONE charge of Drop Droag Body.
  2. Return to Cacotoxic Stain and use the Droag Carcass on the path of a corpse candle. Be sure you do not get close enough to aggro the Candle or you will be unable to drop the Carcass. Now move back and watch. If you do it right, the Candle will eat the Carcass and become a sated corpse candle (non-aggressive).
  3. Move in and Catalog the sated corpse candle and head back to Aetryol for your reward.

NOTE: The Droag Carcass no longer has Unlimited charges. You get ONE shot so observe the Corpse Candle first, watch its path, and make sure you drop the body on that path or it will not get it, will not become sated, and the body will vanish. If you lose it you will have to go back to another island and get another Droag Carcass.

Information from the Droag The Bonemire
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