Of Sea, Sails and Slumber  

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Of Sea, Sails and Slumber

This quest is a sub-quest of The Crossing of the Fanged Sea quest. This is part of the Everfrost access quest. This portion of the quest is initiated when you speak to Biddy Bobick in the Enchanted Lands as part of the Crossing of the Fanged Sea quest.

Biddy will send you to Rivervale to speak with Liddy Bobick. Liddy can be found at -77.48, -17.44, -14.32 in the Fool's Gold. She will send you out to search for some clues.

First you must examine the Food on Foot for clues. Examine a book on the bookshelf at -99.93, -24.98, -95.56 to advance past this step.

You must then examine Kevlin's Gear for clues. This is a small shop which is surrounded by aggro mobs ( -59, -10, -155 ) . Inside of the shop there is a Lamia Assassin who will spawn and attack you when you enter. She can see invisibility so bring help or be ready to run.

After this you must visit Digg's Tall and Stout and search for clues. Diggs Tall and Stout is also known as the Loom and is where the Corrupted Seamstresses and Tailors spawn. You will need to have your tank enter the house and spawn the bad guys, pull them out and kill. Then everyone can go in and inspect the book on the bookshelf ( -196.82, -17.6, -17.65 ) .

After this you must slay Corrupted Brigands in Rivervale until you have 5 keys. They are a semi-common drop. There are a couple of brigands camps in the zone, but I recommend the large camp to the right as you enter the zone (towards the bridge that leads to brambles) for two reasons. First off it's the largest of the camps, and secondly because it's right next to Rivergate, which you must inspect for the next step.

Once you have all of the keys, you must visit Rivergate. If you choose the big camp then it's the stump at the end of the river ( -193, 0.5, 195 ) . After visiting it you will have to swim down to the bottom of the river right there and inspect a chest at -204, -9.6, 203 in the water. You will find the book "Of Seas, Sails and Slumber" in this chest.

Read the book "Of Sea, Sails and Slumber" to close this quest. The Crossing of the Fanged Sea quest will then update and you should return to that walkthrough from this point on.

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