Path of the Past - Crypt of T'haen  

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Game Update #53
Shards of Destiny
September 23, 2009

  • Level: 37 Heroic
  • Category: Miscellaneous

NOTE: You must have access to Crypt of T'haen prior to being able to complete this mission. This can be accomplished by the quest Exploring the Crypt for the evil-aligned quests, or Shattering the Crystals for the good-aligned quests. Only one player in the group must have access to this zone. You cannot Call of the Veteran in a player without access to this zone.

Defeat Vashyn T'Reyn in Crypt of T'haen.

Completing this mission unlocks Replica: Vashyn T'Reyn from the Timeless Trader.

This is a Chronomagic Mission, obtained by talking to a Chronomagic Tasker. You cannot complete the quest if it cons gray to you: speak with a Timeless Chronomage to mentor down to the appropriate level.

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