Ritual of the Flame's Purification  

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Civean's Altar of Solusek Ro
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This is the fourth quest in the Solusek Ro deity line. It opens once you have completed Ro's Vessel.

Talk to Civean Il'Pernod in Butcherblock Mountains once again. He tells you that you must perform the ritual of purification in Solusek's Eye. From here, you must travel to the bottom of Solusek's Eye and find a location update for the Ledge of Molten Flame ( 61.09, -602.98, -50.96 ). It is at the edge of the walkway near where Commander Kulcath spawns just before Nagafen.

Once you get the location update, you will need to find the invisible path from the ledge to the lava fall and meditate on the platform. If your graphics are set medium to high, you should see a fiery outline of a bridge extending outward toward the lavafall. Walk carefully across the bridge and you will find a platform with a altar on it. Click on the Altar to meditate.

Next, you must speak to the spirit of Ro, and defeat it in combat. After you kill the Spirit, return to Civean in Butcherblock to finish the quest and collect your reward. Completion of this quest opens up the final quest in the series, The Avatar of Flame.

Ro's Vessel Solusek Ro
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The Avatar of Flame
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