A Gnollish Trinket  


You can get this quest at anytime, simply by killing one of the 5 named gnolls and examining the trinket he drops, but you cannot complete the quest without the above pre-requisites.

  1. Acquire any one of the trinkets, then examine it to start this quest. After you speak to Barstan any of the 5 trinkets you already have will auto-update.
    • I found a strange gnollish trinket. It was wrapped up in such a way that suggests it is more than just a worthless piece of junk. I should see if I can find someone who can tell me about it.
  2. Go and see Bulvar Rakgam at Gnollslayer Keep -2114, -40, 435 .
  3. He sends you to see Barstan Rheyble -2116, -46, 440 . Any trinkets in your inventory will update now.
  4. Collect the following items:
    • Trinket: A Miniature Scepter from Animator Z'Apha atop the rock at -2013, -6, 530 (20). He will call 3 rotstuffed scarecrows to aid him.
    • Trinket: A Small Metal Figure from Bra'ak the Reptile in the Darkstrider Camp at -2176, 9, 94
    • Trinket: A Bone Carving from Tactician Mengs in the hidden tunnel behind the waterfall at -1759, 1, 912
    • Trinket: Petrified Bark from Graalwen on the rocks above McQuibble's Farm at -1655, 7, -70
    • Trinket: A Small Cube from Jayl'Krik on the rocks above McQuibble's Farm at -1644, 14, 31
  5. Enter the underwater cave entrance at -1026, -42, 1176 in Antonica and The Stone of Graw will be found around -1092, -32, 1075 .
  6. Place the trinkets on The Stone of Graw.
  7. an elder Sabertooth spirit will appear. He will not talk to you unless you speak Gnollish and have completed all of the Gnoll Investigations quests.

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