Blood Brothers  

CategoryEastern Wastes
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Thrael'Gorr scrolls
Min Coin: 29g, 85s, 79c
Max Coin: 32g, 94s, 88c
Faction Changes:

Command of the Orcish language is required to start or complete this quest.

Speak to Chief Thrael'Gorr at 366, -62, 2640 in the Thrael'Gorr Camp in Eastern Wastes to begin this quest.

  1. Place messages around Ry'Gorr Keep by clicking the objects with blue sparkles in the following locations:
    • Near Rogla Dainkiller at -648, -343, 2723
    • Near Chief Ry'Gorr at -765, -341, 2739
    • Near Grimlik Spirittalker at -662, -341, 2799
    • Near Swog Bloodytusk at -726, -344, 2802
  2. Return to Chief Thrael'Gorr to complete the quest. Speak to Korgak Rotstomper for the next quest.

Sinister Warding Eastern Wastes
Quest Series
Rise of Thrael'Gorr
Strength in Honor
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