The Cost of Success  

CategoryWorld Event
Level50 (Scales)

This quest is given by Mareva D'Iniv in North Freeport or Pearl Honeywine in Qeynos Harbor AFTER you complete the Revelation quest. It is the third part of an ongoing world event.

You must head back to the dungeon appropriate to your level (in The Commonlands, Zek, the Orcish Wastes or Everfrost) and return to a more difficult version of the zone.

Once inside you must find a relic at 393, -120, -155 which looks like a cage. A rat will spawn at this point, freezes you for 30 seconds, and then despawns. In The Rockillik Exavation sneak around behind the arena 135.07, -47.90, 748.79. It is under the platform with Reverent Controllers.

Those on the high level version can find the artifact at -93, -47, -328 .

Revelation Drakota World Event
Quest Series
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