To Speak the Unspoken  

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Min Coin: 13g, 59s, 50c
Max Coin: 15g, 4s, 95c
Manacle of the Guilty

Arbiter Selek will send you to Blackscale Sepulcher to speak with the Dragon Ghost, Turadranim 10, 0, 195 . When you hail him, he says he is too weak to speak and you must kill the stewards that seal him.

Go to 165.57, -19.55, 16.24 and kill the 4 Stewards to spawn Grash, Tival and Timant. Kill the named and return to Turadranim. He will give you some information and then you will have to return to Arbiter Selek.

This opens up the next quest in the series, Serving a New Master.

High Crimes The Bonemire
Quest Series
Serving a New Master
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