Entering the Veil  

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Recipe: Muktuk Veil Mask
Corpudermus Husk
Mundane Muktuk Mask
Muktuk Veil Mask
Min Coin: 9g, 85s, 50c
Max Coin: 10g, 5s, 90c
Choice Of:
Earring of Dense Fog
Small Earhoop of the Steps
Metallic Earhoop of the Steps
Foggy Earhoop of the Steps

Ihriel the Sorceress will give you a recipe for the Muktuk Veil Mask which you must scribe.

The recipe requires the mask that you get for completing the previous quest Hexed and Vexed, 10 pieces of corpudermus husks that are a body drop from any of kind of ghoul (0,36,-264) outside the Village of Somborn. You then need to collect 10 hanging roots from Lanky Roots to use as the fuel component for the mask

  • Have no fear if you destroyed the mask or the recipe you can simply ask the Sorceress for another of each and she will gladly give you one.

Return to the magical cauldron near Ihriel to create the mask.

Using the mask will turn you into a Veil Hunter minion. You must then hunt the malicious spirits within the village. These are spirit scamps and were previously invisible to you. Kill 7 of these to get the quest update.

Return to Ihriel to get your reward and open Drawing Out the Cazi.

Note: Requires at least a lvl 5 artisan skill

Hexed and Vexed Loping Plains
Quest Series
Village of Somborn
Drawing Out the Cazi
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