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This is the second quest in the Rallos Zek deity line. Again, it starts with Tychus Zeksworn in Butcherblock Mountains. You'll need to speak Orcish to complete this quest (see: An Order Of Orc Tongue).

  1. Tychus Zeksworn sends you to Zek, the Orcish Wastes to the eastern most lumber yard to find a huge axe. This was found at -409, -28, -291 on the wall. It has also been reported at 258.41, -26.88, -26.98 .
  2. Locate 3 orc shamans and prove your worth to them:
    1. The first shaman (a Tallon High Shaman) is at 548, -16, 20 . You will be given a quest (Tallon Orc Faceoff) to kill a Tallon Champion. He either pops on the tree stump behind the shaman, or will already be spawned.
    2. The second shaman (a Vallon High Shaman) is at 325.6, 12, -159.48 . His quest (Green Hood Beheading) is to slay 7 Green Hoods in the Orcish wastes and return to him.
    3. The third shaman (a Sullon High Shamann) is at -206.37, -27.02, -90.80 . His quest (Sullon Orc Tonges) is to cut four tongues from the mouths of the Sullon centurions then return to him.
  3. Return to Tychus Zeksworn in Butcherblock Mountains.
For the Glory of Rallos! Rallos Zek
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