Lore and Legend: Boarfiend  

CategoryLore and Legend
Level70 (Scales)
Trophy: Boarfiend Refuse Shovel
The Least of Brell's Creatures

Lore and Legend quests are started by examining a special book or examining the first body part you find for that race. Either way, you will not get auto updates until you have the quest. The book for this Lore and Legend quest is "The Least of Brell's Creatures". This book can be found by sifting through the embers of the Nuknok Bonfire at 1584, 458, -6 .

The quest requires you to kill Boarfiends for the auto-updates and body parts (which must be examined). Body parts are also tradeable, so check the broker!

For the best hunting places, see our Lore and Legend Hot Spots guide.

Auto Updates

  • a boarfiend eye
  • a boarfiend skull
  • a boarfiend snout

Body Parts

When you have found and/or examined the last part the quest will auto-complete and you will receive:

NOTE: a boarfiend's poorly contained rage is exceedingly rare.

This quest is a lot easier if you do it while you have the Boarfiend Costume, which comes from Nesbit's quest chain. An Unwelcome Task is the end of that part and the costume goes away when you hand it in.

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