Tin Metal Protection (Kelethin)  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
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Tin Metal Helm
Zoe's Wild Deck of Playing Cards
Tin Metal Helm of Protection

This quest series is not repeatable if you have done it in previous years.

Speak to Blat Berisen in one of the following places to begin this quest:

  • In Antonica at 227, -14, 390 , just outside the South Qeynos gate.
  • In Darklight Wood just outside of the gates of Neriak at -624, -55, -66 .
  • In Frostfang Sea - speak to Garple Gigglegibber on the Erollis Dock at -374, 31, 164 , who gives you the quest Blat Bound.
  • In Greater Faydark just down the main ramp on the Green Knoll, northwest of the city, at 564, 44, 22 .
  • In The Commonlands next to one of the inner defense towers, at -1104, -60, 54 .
  • In Timorous Deep on the Gorowyn Beach at 2338, 20, 948 .

He asks that you get the tin hat from Frethe Zizlop so the gods will stop talking to him!

Frethe Zizlop can be found at:

  • In The City of Freeport (West), near the Commonlands Gate, at 284, -3.5, -102
  • In Greater Faydark, inside Gearheart's Forge at 266, 126, 274
  • In Qeynos Province District (Qeynos Harbor), inside Hall of Steel at 678, -21, 18
  • In Neriak, in the Indigo Hollow at -25.07, 13.08, -7.59
  • In Gorowyn, inside The Wards at 2822, 122, 1234

Blat Bound Bristlebane Day
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Tin Metal Protection
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Bristlebane Day
Occurs annually around April Fool's Day.
Special one-day events on April 1st!

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