Grizzfazzle's Errands  

This quest is given by Grizzfazzle Coggrease at the Drednever Crash Site in The Bonemire. You must slay the Devourer in the Den of the Devourer. Tamer gave these tips for spawning him:

Kill Collect 20 Ravasect Thoraxes. These can be found near the crash site or on the Isle of the Ravasect. Return to Grizzfazzle for the next task as detailed below.

Run to the Hive, south of the Crash Site, enter the cave and run down to the door to the the Den of the Devourer

1) Work your way down the tunnel. At the end, you will come to a room called the Hall of Guardians with 4 fast spawns in the corners. Discovery AA here. Continue killing them until the named Svacklan, pops in the center of the room. Kill named.

2) Head out of that room by the Northerly exit and follow the passage down to a small square room, then south down to a large square room called The Hatching Chamber. Discovery AA here. Keep killing the 4 a Vornerous Hive Guardians in the corners until the Named, Deepguardian Kvaklin, and his 2 a Vornerous Honorguards spawn. Kill them.

3) Head back up to the Hall of Guardians and take the Southerly exit this time. In the Waterfall Room you will have your third named in the zone already spawned, Spirit of Water and 4 a Water Elementals. Kill it and its friends. (You will get hit by blurred vision, be warned)

4) Take the passage to the left in the waterfall room. Follow this to the Queens room.

5) In the center of the room you will see hatchlings being watched over by the Queen and Devourer. Carefully clear the wanderers and slowly make your way into the egg area.

6) Kill everything in the egg area. (The Devourer will not agro) As eggs pop, right-click and kick them. Clear this area continuing to kick eggs as soon as they appear.

7) When all eggs are clear, pull (any method) the Devourer and friends to the egg area. All members of group need to continue to be on egg watch.

8) Once all are down and the spoils have been divided, return to the top, and claim your prize from Grizzfazzle.

The Bonemire
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