Prince Agtak's Hit List  

This quest is given by Torth Korgus, an orc found in the stable in the courtyard ( 31.3, -0.1, -6.2 ) that you can open after killing Jailer Norx. He asks you to speak to Prince Agtak.

Agtak who is behind the clickable Iron Maiden in the jail, You must first kill Chief Torturer Goortz to get the Iron Maden to work, asks you to kill 4 orcs:

  • Prince Gluntok at 19, 8, 32 is in the Asstances Lab. you can get to him by taking the elevator in the room south of the Harem up one floor.
  • Prince Valtoris at 20, 1, 34 is in the Mess Hall, stuffing his ugly orc face, behind the raised table. He has a funky kind of fear spell that can make the tank run off so watch out. I suggest fighting him behind the table that way you can only run a short distance.
  • Overseer Sultok at -6.90, 1.0, 12.89 , in the room on the right when you go up stairs from the Jail, and directly accross from the Harem
  • Emperor Fyst and everone knows where Fyst is, if you don't then well.....

After killing all four, you should return to Agtak. He will then double cross you, and 3 or 4 henchmen will spawn. Kill them.

When they are dead you can speak to Agtak, who will give you a key to a chest.

This chest is in the first room up the elevator near the Harem. You will receive three random pieces of armor.

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