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NameTierClassificationNode TypeSkillFound In
The Weight Of The Past Scroll0ObjectOtherN/A 
Skeleton With Ashen Scroll0ObjectOtherN/A 
The First Wife's Tale Scroll0ObjectOtherN/A 
A Half-Buried Harp0ObjectOtherN/A 
An Ancient Tablet0ObjectOtherN/A 
An Ancient Inscribed Pillar0ObjectOtherN/A 
Tome Of The Vessel0ObjectOtherN/A 
An Intricate Seashell0ObjectOtherN/A 
Tent - The Desert Serpent Page 140ObjectOtherN/A 
Fossilized Rock0ObjectOtherN/A 
Pillar Of Screaming Skulls0ObjectOtherN/A 
Blue Crystal Fragments0ObjectOtherN/A 
A Bit Of Flotsam0ObjectOtherN/A 
A Camp Fire0ObjectOtherN/A 
A Dead Fairy0ObjectOtherN/A 
A Dead Tallon Grunt0ObjectOtherN/A 
Stolen Coin Crate0ObjectOtherN/A 
The Efreeti's Scimitar0ObjectOtherN/A 
Oily Wall0ObjectOtherN/A 
Lost Lure0ObjectOtherN/A 
Master's Meditation Blanket0ObjectOtherN/A 
My Cherished0ObjectOtherN/A 
A Large Chest0ObjectOtherN/A 
Red Pillow0ObjectOtherN/A 
Meditation Mat0ObjectOtherN/A