Danak Shipyards  

ClassificationPoint of Interest
Location79, -39, 1123
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Point of Interest
Danak Shipyards
Zone Jarsath Wastes
Expansion Rise of Kunark
/loc 79,-39,1123
Discovery? Yes

The lift
The lift
There is a lift near the entrance that will take you up to the top of the wall, and thence to the Broker.

Ports o' Call

The Ship's Bell (mouseover says Voyage Through Norrath) will take you to any Druid Ring, Wizard Spire, Ulteran Spire, or City Dock in the known world.

Standing on the dock by the Ship's Bell is 'a firebranded horse. Mount the horse to be taken VERY swiftly to Grim Stormshield in Skyfire Mountains.

November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

Brind, a Deepwater Circle Teleporter, can send you to Wurmbone Crag, Chelsith: The Ancient Vault, or out to their ship to talk to Erus.

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