ClassificationPoint of Interest
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Point of Interest
Zone The Stonebrunt Highlands
Expansion Sentinel's Fate
/loc -524, 378, 596
Discovery? Yes
Achievement Highland Hiker
There are two normal egress-points to Quel'ule: The western gate faces Maven's Reach, the northeastern breach opens to an ongoing battle with the forces of The Void on The Steppes of Erud.

There is a small opening near the aquaduct in the southeast corner that leads to the valley of with the Slobberjaws and Overseers.

There is also a back door, so to speak, at the alchemical workshop of Tzuien, Tahar and Azira ( -195.08,366.44,588.00 ) in the northern alley of the city. Be very careful when using this crack in the city wall, as the north side of the crack (in Ghanlin's Descent) is surrounded by needlebeaks.

Quel'ule is named for the two gods the Erudites used to worship, Quellious and Cazic-Thule. Ask around while you're there and you can discover what happened to the Nexus on Luclin.

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