The Deepwater Pavilion  

ClassificationPoint of Interest
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Point of Interest
The Deepwater Pavilion
Zone The Stonebrunt Highlands
Expansion Sentinel's Fate
/loc -140.36, 20000.00, -726.88
Discovery? Yes
Achievement Highland Hiker

The Deepwater Knights are no more. They were led by the Paladin Weligon Steelherder and the Cleric Gans Paust. For the Knights, swimming was a manditory skill, as many of their quests lead them beneath the waves. These Knights were allied with the High Council of Erudin and opposed the Heretics who lived in Paineel in ancient days. [1]

Here you will find the Scions of the Deepwater Knights,, who are dedicated to fighting the forces of the Void at all costs. They are the descendants of the people who stood up to El'Arad long ago.

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