Eye Of Dartain  

ClassificationPoint of Interest
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Point of Interest
Eye Of Dartain
Zone The Sundered Frontier
Expansion Sentinel's Fate
/loc 1801.29, -6.44, 4264.87
Discovery? Yes
Achievement Sundered Frontiersman

The Eye of Dartain is located in the Sundered Frontier ( 1801.29, -6.44, 4264.87 ), right next to the Dartain Eye hoverpad station.

The Eye of Dartain was constructed shortly before the Odus phased into Ultera. It was used primarely as a research facility to study the heavens of Norrath. To this end, it more or less failed, as it was not in Norrath long enough to complete its task.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the Erudites of Norrath used it instead as a tool to spy on their rivals in the North, namely the city of Erudin.

Its secondary purpose likely became quite useful once the phasing into Ultera occured. It became imperative to understand where they were when the phasing was complete. This facility was likely used to scan the Ulteran sky, to gather information and begin to learn more about where they had ended up. That research continues to date.

(Abridged text, taken from the story of the quest The Footsteps of Dartain: Observation).

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