The Combine Spires  

ClassificationPoint of Interest
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Point of Interest
The Combine Spires
Zone Greater Faydark
Expansion Echoes of Faydwer
/loc -448, 45, 268
Discovery? Yes
Achievement Greater Faydark Gypsy
Also referred to as the Greater Faydark Spires.

Sorcerers who have received the correct training can teleport players to these Combine Spires. The 'port spells say "Fay" instead of "Greater Faydark".

Reconstructed by the Quellithulians during GU53, players can now travel instantaneously via the Spire Network. Step into the Spire and double- or right-click the circular Ulteran Spire Portal (no shard required!). With GU56 the Spire network has been expanded to encompass all spires everywhere, including the Overrealm.

The spire network offers transportation to the following locations:

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