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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Kiirkin FelendrilGreater FaydarkNo
Bresiya TuuriGreater FaydarkNo
Bilvee HummingwingEastern WastesNo
Trainer Kaali SaarinenGreater FaydarkNo
Aelia NaeniGreater FaydarkNo
Miella MaarsitottsGreater FaydarkNo
Lyna Miori70   ^ ^ ^ HeroicFreethinker HideoutYes
A Noncompliant Detainee1   v v vThe Obelisk of BlightNo
Ovlaat VikkunGreater FaydarkNo
Elia RedleafGreater FaydarkNo
Kalamar VesingerGreater FaydarkNo
Sentry TalveeGreater FaydarkNo
Mellikor FealitaGreater FaydarkNo
Meeha Pekko-MaaritGreater FaydarkNo
Laastri AmaturoaGreater FaydarkNo
Avisa PovaariGreater FaydarkNo
Trainer Arilla LarivaaraGreater FaydarkNo
Flitt MorninggloryGreater FaydarkNo
Idinavir KetitGreater FaydarkNo
Apeta EleGreater FaydarkNo
Scribe Hilja SarasteGreater FaydarkNo
Aku AltoGreater FaydarkNo
Lyyti ElorantaGreater FaydarkNo
Ehuva AneskolGreater FaydarkNo
Allikaatja PiimarikGreater FaydarkNo