a fragrant demise  

Zone:The Feerrott
Possible Classes:Berserker
Level:40 - 49
Difficulty:^ ^ Heroic to ^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Coldblooded, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial

- These venus fly trap looking plants spawn along the Anaconda River which runs east-west just south of the Temple of Cazic Thule. They are double down arrow lvl 40 or 41 mobs. The spawn in linked pairs, one pair on the north bank near the bend in the river as it turns east to the temple.

Another pair on the same bank about 1/2 way between the bend and the lake, and the last pair on the south bank near the mouth of the river as it spills into the lake. There are often heroic, double up sattars very near the demises so not aggroing the sattars is a challenge.

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