Xylem the Unflexible  

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Zone:The Lesser Faydark
Possible Classes:Guardian
Classifications:Faydwer, Living, Noblooded, Nocharm, Non-humanoid, Organic, Terrestrial, Treant
Grants AA
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
a chunk of timber 0Item25%
Loop of the Elven Ways 50Accessory25%
Ringlet of the Elven Ways 50Accessory25%
Band of the Elven Ways 50Accessory25%
Ring of the Elven Ways 50Accessory25%
a treant root 0Item21%
a treant leaf 0Item21%
a treant bark 0Item21%
a treant eye 0Item21%
a treant branch 0Item21%
Fabric Patch 0Item10%
treant hard candy 0Item5%
Linked Chain Belt of the Fayhunter 50Accessory2.500%
Linked Chain Belt of the Forest Fist 50Accessory2.500%
Linked Chain Belt of the Natural Caster 50Accessory2.500%
Linked Chain Belt of the Faydark Druid 50Accessory2.500%
a clump of fungus 0Item2%
From Daughter to Father - Page 10 0Item0.4545%
From Daughter to Father - Page 5 0Item0.4545%
From Daughter to Father - Page 2 0Item0.4545%
From Daughter to Father - Page 7 0Item0.4545%
From Daughter to Father - Page 4 0Item0.4545%
From Daughter to Father - Page 3 0Item0.4545%
From Daughter to Father - Page 6 0Item0.4545%
From Daughter to Father - Page 8 0Item0.4545%
From Daughter to Father - Page 9 0Item0.4545%
From Daughter to Father - Page 11 0Item0.4545%
From Daughter to Father - Page 12 0Item0.2273%
From Daughter to Father - Page 1 0Item0.2273%
Death Blow (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Spiritual Circle (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Death March (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Harmony IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Arrow Rip III (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Indomitable Will IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Double Up (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Tap Essence III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Control Undead (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Necromantic Pact IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Overpower V (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Lunar Attendant II (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Willow Wisp IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Flamboyant Strike II (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Improvised Weapon III (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Snaring Shot II (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Solar Flare VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Stream of Arrows (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Wild Accretion IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Double Blast IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Ward of the Untamed III (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Prophetic Ward III (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Rear Shot V (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Mock VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Ancestral Avenger II (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Nature's Salve VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Crystal Blast VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Abolishment II (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Knight's Stance V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Ancestral Mettle IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Heroic Dash IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Street Smarts IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Lung Puncture (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Sonic Punch (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Vacuum Field V (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Sever IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Encase IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Provoke VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Siphon Strength III (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Firestorm IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Magma Chamber V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Hold the Line V (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Null Caress (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Master of the Hunt IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Pledge of Armament IV (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Desperate Thrust II (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Body Check V (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Dawnstrike VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Spellshield (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Paranoia V (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Frenzy II (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Power Cleave IV (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Quick Strike VI (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Imprecate VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Dissolve VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Riana's Relentless Tune IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Gouge IV (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Vengeance III (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Cataclysm V (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Iron Will III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Crippling Strike II (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Pummel V (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Noxious Efflux IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Cleave Flesh IV (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Will of the Heavens IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Archer's Fury IV (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Divine Smite VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Singing Shot IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Lightning Palm IV (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Charging Tiger IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Essence of the Great Bear IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Daring Advance IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Songster's Luck V (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Thuri's Doleful Thrust VI (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Hibernation (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Elemental Concerto II (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Taunting Assault II (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Death's Door IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Vine Net VI (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Feign Death IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Bruising II (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Hateful Slam IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Conjuror's Pact IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem IV (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Netherealm (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Symbol of Marzin IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Destructive Mind III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Ring of Fire (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Eye Gouge III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Villainy IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Jael's Dreadful Deprivation IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Unending Agony IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Divine Favor (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Bladeweaver IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Curse of Void III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Judgment V (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Sanctuary (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Tsunami (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Medusa Gaze V (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Meteor Fist V (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Illusory Allies (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Channel (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Feral Tenacity II (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Malevolent Diatribe IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Dogma (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Holy Intercession IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Mail of Souls II (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Painful Lamentations IV (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Extract Mana IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Grasping Bones IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Shield of Faith III (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Lucidity V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Bloodcoil VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Elemental Unity (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Invocation VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Verdant Whisper II (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Silence IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Consecrate (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Rupture V (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Rejuvenation VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Crystallize Soul III (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Defensive Haven IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Holy Strike III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Searing Shot V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Winds of Velious (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Hunter's Instinct IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Concussion IV (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Befuddle IV (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Harbinger V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Resolute Flagellant II (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Incinerate VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Lightning Fists IV (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Amnesia (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Meliorate VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Aegolism V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Harvest Mana III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Armored V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Necrotic Reconstruction V (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Arctic Blast IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Sandstorm II (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Allegretto IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Crouching Tiger V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Ancient Wrath IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Fall of the Phoenix (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Heal Servant V (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Stalk IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Alleviation IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Waking Dragon V (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Whirling Blades IV (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Black Widow Stance II (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Word of Redemption IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Inquest II (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Berserker Onslaught III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Spinechiller Blood VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Flurry of Blades III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Lucan's Pact V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Consumption (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Demoralizing Processional (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Brambles IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Ministration VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Puncture VI (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Silent Threat VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Speechless IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Nature's Pack (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Fervent Faith (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Prismatic Chaos III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Tower of Stone (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Storming Tempest (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Tenacity V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Terror Chant IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Stunning Blow III (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Hemorrhage VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Bash V (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Bloody Ritual IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Tap Veins (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Insidious Whisper VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Rejuvenating Celebration III (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Cacophony of Blades (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Sandra's Deafening Strike VI (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Vital Transfer IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Soulrot VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Furnace of Ro (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Chilling Claws IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Song of Magic V (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Premonition V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Perfection of the Maestro (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Razor Edge IV (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Head Crush IV (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Holy Salvation II (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Flash of Steel VI (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Painbringer V (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Nature's Renewal II (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Triple Shot III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Shift Mana IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Lucky Gambit V (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Untamed Regeneration IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Dragon Rage III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Ancestral Balm (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Impale IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Devoted Resolve II (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Invective II (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Shoulder Charge IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Bodyguard V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Bewilderment IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Devious Blade III (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Carrion Warding IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Scream of Death (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Death Swarm VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Open Wounds (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Mutilate IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Aggressive Defense V (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Sentry Watch (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Asylum IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Devour Vitae III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Grisly Protection IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Sylvan Bloom VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Storm of Steel (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Prayer of Healing V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Hunker Down IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Spirits IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Savage Ruin IV (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Entangle III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Ultraviolet Beam VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Lightning Strike VI (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Unflinching Will V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Wall of Rage IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Close Mind (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Ebbing Spirit II (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Umbral Warding IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Stupefy IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Fanatic's Faith IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Slothful Spirit (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Deadly Shot V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Redemption II (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Feast III (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Petrify IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Divine Arbitration (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Nightmare IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Weapon Counter III (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Unyielding Benediction II (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Avoid Blame IV (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Frozen Palm V (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Voice of the Ancestors (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Barroom Negotiation IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Void Contract IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Faith Strike V (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Uppercut III (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Bria's Inspiring Ballad IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Dispatch (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Healing Grove (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Immobilizing Lunge IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Earthquake IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Vision of Madness (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Arctic Talon III (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Autumn's Kiss IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Howl of Death III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Daro's Sorrowful Dirge III (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Daelis' Dance of Blades IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Malice V (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Spine Shot IV (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Penance V (Adept) 54Spell Scroll0.0433%
Stealth Assault III (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Ancestral Ward V (Adept) 54Spell Scroll0.0433%
Slurred Insult VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Forward Charge V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Clarion VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Healstorm IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Bloodcloud IV (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Brainshock VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Winds of Healing IV (Adept) 56Spell Scroll0.0433%
Velium Winds VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Dire Balm VII (Adept) 57Spell Scroll0.0433%
Aspect of the Forest V (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Acid VI (Adept) 59Spell Scroll0.0433%
Essence Shift IV (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Sniper Shot (Adept) 58Spell Scroll0.0433%
Concealment (Adept) 55Spell Scroll0.0433%
Lightning Fists IV (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Amnesia (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Bloody Ritual IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Netherealm (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Stupefy IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Sonic Punch (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Extract Mana IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Impale IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Vision of Madness (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Improvised Weapon III (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Storm of Steel (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Elemental Unity (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Ultraviolet Beam VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Desperate Thrust II (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Waking Dragon V (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Crippling Strike II (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Velium Winds VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Quick Strike VI (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Spine Shot IV (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Soulrot VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Spirits IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Nature's Pack (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Lunar Attendant II (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Songster's Luck V (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Inquest II (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Feral Tenacity II (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Vital Transfer IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Divine Arbitration (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Elemental Concerto II (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Firestorm IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Charging Tiger IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Holy Intercession IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Fervent Faith (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Aegolism V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Sever IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Unflinching Will V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Tap Veins (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Rejuvenating Celebration III (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Power Cleave IV (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Tower of Stone (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Lucidity V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Essence of the Great Bear IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Prismatic Chaos III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Silence IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Crouching Tiger V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Nature's Renewal II (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Willow Wisp IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Concussion IV (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Dawnstrike VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Riana's Relentless Tune IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Ancestral Ward V (Master) 54Spell Scroll0.0181%
Ancestral Mettle IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Solar Flare VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Body Check V (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Control Undead (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Daro's Sorrowful Dirge III (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Devious Blade III (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Frozen Palm V (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Untamed Regeneration IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Head Crush IV (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Consecrate (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Street Smarts IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Umbral Warding IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Malice V (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Arctic Talon III (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Open Wounds (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Siphon Strength III (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Flamboyant Strike II (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Grasping Bones IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Taunting Assault II (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Fanatic's Faith IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Grisly Protection IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Stealth Assault III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Bloodcoil VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Double Up (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Penance V (Master) 54Spell Scroll0.0181%
Verdant Whisper II (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Pummel V (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Vacuum Field V (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Medusa Gaze V (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Symbol of Marzin IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Premonition V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Stalk IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Vine Net VI (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Invective II (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Painful Lamentations IV (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Incinerate VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Consumption (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Wall of Rage IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Healstorm IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Prayer of Healing V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Arctic Blast IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Meteor Fist V (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Bruising II (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Abolishment II (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Conjuror's Pact IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Null Caress (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Mock VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Vengeance III (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Meliorate VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Feast III (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Bewilderment IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Sanctuary (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Crystallize Soul III (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Death Blow (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Concealment (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Devoted Resolve II (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Stunning Blow III (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Savage Ruin IV (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Perfection of the Maestro (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Unyielding Benediction II (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Brainshock VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Winds of Healing IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Stream of Arrows (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Hateful Slam IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Earthquake IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Double Blast IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Heroic Dash IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Harvest Mana III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Arrow Rip III (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Illusory Allies (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Will of the Heavens IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Voice of the Ancestors (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Terror Chant IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Flash of Steel VI (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Dissolve VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Word of Redemption IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Autumn's Kiss IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Cleave Flesh IV (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Winds of Velious (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Scream of Death (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Bodyguard V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Rupture V (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Rear Shot V (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Hold the Line V (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Shield of Faith III (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Ward of the Untamed III (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Dragon Rage III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Provoke VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Bladeweaver IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Channel (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Nature's Salve VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Tsunami (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Mail of Souls II (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Noxious Efflux IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Curse of Void III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Black Widow Stance II (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Dispatch (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Immobilizing Lunge IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Encase IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Dire Balm VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Fall of the Phoenix (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Nightmare IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Death Swarm VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Hunker Down IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Pledge of Armament IV (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Healing Grove (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Rejuvenation VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Clarion VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Lightning Palm IV (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Imprecate VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Divine Favor (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Bloodcloud IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Storming Tempest (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Sandstorm II (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Heal Servant V (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Speechless IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Ancient Wrath IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Allegretto IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Frenzy II (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Befuddle IV (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Searing Shot V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Snaring Shot II (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Aggressive Defense V (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Devour Vitae III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Invocation VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Spinechiller Blood VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Tenacity V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Armored V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Cacophony of Blades (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Wild Accretion IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Ring of Fire (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Void Contract IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Triple Shot III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Flurry of Blades III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Jael's Dreadful Deprivation IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Necrotic Reconstruction V (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Forward Charge V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Brambles IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Hibernation (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Iron Will III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Spiritual Circle (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Daring Advance IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Asylum IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Daelis' Dance of Blades IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Holy Salvation II (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Ancestral Avenger II (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Sandra's Deafening Strike VI (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Harbinger V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Silent Threat VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem IV (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Sentry Watch (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Bash V (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Prophetic Ward III (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Chilling Claws IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Berserker Onslaught III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Master of the Hunt IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Howl of Death III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Aspect of the Forest V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Holy Strike III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Overpower V (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Dogma (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Slothful Spirit (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Barroom Negotiation IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Death's Door IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Spellshield (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Malevolent Diatribe IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Avoid Blame IV (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Divine Smite VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Redemption II (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Magma Chamber V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Razor Edge IV (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Gouge IV (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Lucan's Pact V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Knight's Stance V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Acid VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Weapon Counter III (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Feign Death IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Close Mind (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Petrify IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Cataclysm V (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Thuri's Doleful Thrust VI (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Harmony IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Slurred Insult VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Sylvan Bloom VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Faith Strike V (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Villainy IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Entangle III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Hunter's Instinct IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Demoralizing Processional (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Puncture VI (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Mutilate IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Shoulder Charge IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Song of Magic V (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Whirling Blades IV (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Judgment V (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Furnace of Ro (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Lucky Gambit V (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Necromantic Pact IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Death March (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Resolute Flagellant II (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Unending Agony IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Archer's Fury IV (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Ancestral Balm (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Lung Puncture (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Crystal Blast VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Hemorrhage VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Deadly Shot V (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Essence Shift IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Indomitable Will IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Carrion Warding IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Paranoia V (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Alleviation IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Shift Mana IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Eye Gouge III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Singing Shot IV (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Insidious Whisper VI (Master) 59Spell Scroll0.0181%
Destructive Mind III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Ministration VII (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Defensive Haven IV (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Uppercut III (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Lightning Strike VI (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Sniper Shot (Master) 58Spell Scroll0.0181%
Bria's Inspiring Ballad IV (Master) 55Spell Scroll0.0181%
Tap Essence III (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%
Painbringer V (Master) 57Spell Scroll0.0181%
Ebbing Spirit II (Master) 56Spell Scroll0.0181%